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Struggling With Infertility

September 07, 2019 2 min read

CBD is an incredibly powerful anti-inflammation herb. Inflammation is hard to describe, but it is the bodies natural response to fighting off something abnormal inside of the body. If you tend to have bouts of long term inflammation there is science that lends itself to this being the underlying reason for some of the horrible diseases we suffer from, like cancer.

At CBDWorld Expo Dr. Maribelle Verdiales gave an education form about using CBD as a way to help treat infertility. She spoke about inflammation playing a role in a woman inability to conceive. She believes when a couple is struggling to get pregnant you should give them every natural way to achieve that as possible. She details giving her patients a CBD regiment in addition to other procedures in order to increase the chances of conception. 

She leans in on the notion that inflammation is a potential factor of poor egg quality in women which in turn leads to difficulty conceiving. This was incredibly informative because somehow as a woman you believe inherently there is something wrong with you if you are unable to conceive. To be able to do what a "woman is supposed to naturally do." Listen ladies, be kind to yourself. Understand there are many thing that can be the cause, but also there are many things that can be done to help you to finally lay your eyes on that bundle of joy you have been imagining. 

You can find  Dr. Maribelle Verdiales at

Get centered with yourself and search everywhere including her website for answers. Add CBD to your daily routine and keep going don't give up. Try adding a tincture to your morning cup of coffee, or adding it to your green smoothie. 


Angalida Simon
Angalida Simon

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