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How the journey began

My early understanding of the healing properties of CBD come from my childhood. I watched my father go through a degenerative and chronic pain condition with his back. He had three unsuccessful back surgeries, and I watched him go from taking a variety of opioid pain pills and stool softeners to only his high blood pressure pills after he was introduced to smoking cannabis to relieve his pain.

I saw first-hand the amount of relief it gave him. After asking my father to explain his reasons for trying cannabis (even though there was still a lot of stigma around it), he told me he would rather smoke "weed" than be on a handful of pills that make him feel "out of it." As legislation was proposed and then eventually passed to legalize marijuana across the country (California being one of the latest), I have continued to support and follow the cannabis industry because I know there are still a lot of misconceptions about this healing plant and what it can do for our communities, especially people of color.

After working at Safeway and in the retail space for 20 years, I found myself at a crossroads with my career. So I found my way to cannabis where I worked as a general manager for a dispensary. I fell in love with the industry, and it has been not just professionally satisfying. It has given me a great sense of pride and accomplishment to be able to help usher in the next wave of the industry (CBD) as it makes its way to mainstream. I've learned that there are a lot of connections between the supermarket industry and the CBD industry. And even though the cannabis and CBD industry has been legal in California and many other states for some time now, there are still only a handful of successful women and minority-owned businesses in this space. I have always wanted to change that.

I'm passionate about educating average people on the benefits of CBD and how it can be beneficial to their everyday lives. I invite you to join us on this journey and find your own path to wellness and relief.

— Angie

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